I found this poster on a trail at the Wildcat Nature Reserve in Boxford, MA. The QR code lead to a Youtube channel. The channel looks like a relatively new, found footage based ARG. I will link the channel in the comments. The coordinates lead to an old tunnel in Clinton MA.

The Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - TMIHI When you put excess pressure on your median nerve and the wrist, it is highly likely that you will get some tingling effect or pain. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS. The most affected fingers are the first three and the thumb. Chelsea fans will love what Juan Mata did in the tunnel Jul 20, 2020 Enbridge hires companies to design, build Great Lakes tunnel TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Enbridge Inc. said Friday it has hired companies to design and build a disputed oil pipeline tunnel beneath the channel linking Lakes Huron and Michigan, despite

Jul 03, 2020

How Tunnels Work | HowStuffWorks The opening of the tunnel is a portal. The "roof" of the tunnel, or the top half of the tube, is the crown. The bottom half is the invert. The basic geometry of the tunnel is a continuous arch. Because tunnels must withstand tremendous pressure from all sides, the arch is an ideal shape. In the case of a tunnel, the arch simply goes all the way

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How Quickly Can Atoms Slip, Ghostlike, Through Barriers