Dec 02, 2016 · To configure it on the ASA you simply need to enable password management and set it to notify. It works pretty well. The only drawback to it is the laptop they use it's password will not update unless after connecting they change it through windows forcing it to sync to AD. But this is a windows issue, not cisco.

How to use CLI to change pre-shared-key on ASA: Forgot Apr 30, 2008 VPN does not prompt user to change password - Microsoft® Mar 30, 2009

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Nov 06, 2007

[38950] Modify Password for ga-unitymadtest successfully converted password to unicode. Above I can see that you go a prompt to change the password and it didn't work. What did you get on the vpn client side? Have you checked the LDAP event viewer logs for the corresponding hit. Jatin Katyal - Do rate helpful posts -

I need to change the password for the VPN on our Cisco gateway switch. How is this accomplished? I can Telnet to the device locally but am not familiar with Cisco and have not been able to find this on the web. I did find some info on setting the password for Telnet -- are these the same credentials used for the VPN? Edited Apr 22, 2017 at 22 Go to Settings (2) -> VPN Username and password (3). Click on the Change button (4) at the right of the VPN username. A text field will appear (5). Enter your new username and click on “Change username” (6). If you have filled a unique username a confirmation message will appear. This means you have successfully changed your VPN username. This is a very general question, so I will give a very general answer, but first I will also give a very general observation. This question is better posed to Google than Quora. Dec 24, 2018 · I tried another generic user login on their vpn client and it worked, is there a password length that the VPN client won't accept, their password is 15 characters using a symbol and 4 numbers and 1 upper case. Any thoughts, is there a max length that cisco won't accept but AD will?