How to Change Your Apple Store Country to Access More Apps

How to Change Your Home Address in Apple Maps Apr 03, 2020 How to Change Which Apps Have Access to Your Location on Open your iPhone's Settings. The Settings icon has gray cogs on it and is found on one of your home … How to Change App Store Country On iPhone or iPad Here is how to Change App Store Country on iPhone or iPad, in case you are moving to a new Country or want to download Apps, Music, Books and Movies available in another Country or Region. Change App Store Country on iPhone.

Apr 06, 2013

How to Switch to American App Store on iPhone - EaseUS To download the Apps you like in App Store, you might need to change App Store country or region. If you are looking for ways about how to switch to, for example, American App Store, read this blog post to get what you want. The tip introduced in this blog post is suitable for iPhone models running iOS 10.

When it comes to gaining access to more apps through the Apple store, the VPN acts as a barrier that prevents the app from detecting your location. You can change your country settings without having to add an address and payment method that trace back to the chosen country.

The Fake Location for iPhone and iPad app in the iTunes store lets you fake your GPS coordinates. Download the app and follow these instructions. Step 1: Launch the app and select which country you want to claim you are visiting. Step 2: Select the city and a location. When you pick a country, the app shows you a list of available cities so you How to Set a Default Location in the iPhone Weather App Oct 02, 2019 How to Make iPhone Apps Always Ask for Location Access