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ipconfig/all ipconfig -all To post the output in a Forum or Notepad, right click on the Command Prompt Window and choose Select All, then press Enter, open up Notepad or go to your Post from the Forum right click on it and choose Paste. If you would like a text file output. From the command prompt (black screen), Copy and Paste these ipconfig /registerdns for osx? - Apple Community Feb 02, 2008 Why did "ipconfig /registerdns" fix this? : sysadmin Finally one of our helpdesk guys suggests they do an "ipconfig /registerdns", and this fixes it. It's been about 24 hours, multiple reboots/logouts, and it has not happened again. We check the DNS record, and it shows a time stamp of 11/27/2016 @ 6am - three days and change before the problem was reported (the computer is used consistently). [SOLVED] Re-register DNS - Spiceworks Feb 13, 2017

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ipconfig /registerdns. Discussion. Close. 22. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. ipconfig /registerdns. Discussion. Good morning, I'm drafting a document full of notes for summarized reference of DNS. I was looking at some useful CMD commands and I've never seen the titular command. How to Release and Renew an IP Address May 20, 2020

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Register DNS not working Apr 13, 2016