Jan 25, 2008 · I have a iPhone SE running IOS 12. I have the Visible prepaid plan with unlimited data at 5MBPS bandwidth. I use a TP-Link TL-MR3020 travel router with OpenWRT firmware to set up a bridge to my Asus router for my LAN.

Most of us use android phones, and yes, many phones do support wifi . This tutorial explains you how you can setup your phone as the wifi router. This tutorial is helpful for you if you most frequently use your computer on move. Just setup the android phone as the router, and start using the internet in laptop ! Although last year I started using a standalone 150mbps huawei 3G/4G MiFi device instead, which I purchased cheaply from eBay, an E5776, which gives an improved WiFi network speed. But my iPhone certainly worked fine on the road, I will add I use a completely different Sonos Account and email address for that roaming mobile system. Dec 27, 2012 · Conclusion. So that was how you can use your Android phone to set up the perfect wireless network at your place. Trust me, you will feel like an engineer while setting up the network and the best

Apr 27, 2020 · Use Hotspot password to see the password that your phone randomly created. This is the equivalent to the router label that’s normally found on the bottom of your router—only here it’s on your phone. Again, you can change the password, but there’s no real need. The last option is the band.

To configure the router’s settings, follow these steps: Set up the router with the manufacturer’s app on an iOS device. Open the Home app, tap the Home tab, then tap. Tap Wi-Fi Network & Routers.

In such a case, you can easily find the IP Address of your Router by using your iPhone. Find Router IP Address On iPhone. Follow the steps below to find the Router IP Address on your iPhone or iPad. 1. From the home screen of your iPhone, tap on Settings. 2. Next, tap on WiFi. 3. On the next screen you will see the WiFi Network Name that your

use a hotspot as the internet source to the router I want to use an Android phone hotspot as the internet connection TO the router, and then will connect via ethernet cable, a weather station. The weather station needs to be hard wired to a router, thus it cannot go directly to the hotspot.