For Mac OS 10.5.X and later, it can be done by entering the following and press Enter: sudo dscacheutil –flushcache Click the Terminal menu and select Quit Terminal to exit. Open Safari and type in the domains you blocked in the hosts file. All other browsers on your machine will be blocked from accessing that domain as well.

Aug 13, 2018 Download - Opening Blocked Websites - unblock blocked sites Open blocked websites for all systems: – Windows – iPhone – Mac – Android. Click on any of the following links to download the vpn app to open blocked websites. Open Blocked websites for Windows 7-8 – XP – Vista . Download and open blocked websites MAC. Download and open blocked websites for Apple Iphone / Ipad / Ipod Download Open Blocked Websites Free for PC and Laptop In search, type “Open Blocked Websites Free” and search it using Google Play Store. As soon as Open Blocked Websites Free appears in the Play Store, install it. The new installed game or app will appear under “All Apps” tab on the home-screen or inside the Android tab on BlueStacks 2. How to Unblock Websites At School On Windows and Mac Jul 14, 2017

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Block Access to Websites on a Mac by Modifying /etc/hosts Mar 19, 2007 Top-8 Ways To Access Blocked Websites On Windows, MAC Similar to changing DNS settings in Windows or MAC, you can actually change the same settings in your Apple iPhone or iPad or Android. When your smart devices get WIFI connection, they are automatically assigned the DNS based on router configuration. Still, you can bypass them, if websites you wish to access are blocked by the local ISP.

Make sure the kids aren't looking at porn, and your employees aren't reading Facebook: here's how to block (and unblock) unwanted, adult or unsavoury websites on a Mac, covering Safari, Chrome

How To Block Any Website On Your Windows And Mac Computers? Jul 21, 2020 How to customize website options for Safari on Mac | iMore