1 ADSL 2 modem to 8 port switch to 2 wireless routers

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Jan 24, 2006

1 modem (TC4400), 2 routers (2 networks). Possible? : teksavvy You could connect router A into the modem as normal and connect WAN from router B into A. This requires B to have a different network configured ( they both can’t be 192.168.1.x). You can turn off DHCP on router B and set its management IP to a different IP, but same network as A ( on A and on B for example).

Cable modem connected to Router 1 wan; Router 1 connected to Router 2 using Lan port -> Wan port; Answering your specific 3 questions: Creating a subnet on Router2 having router 1 as Wan - Router 1 has access to Router 2, the opposite is not done. EDIT: If the cable modem has more than 1 port, connect both routers there and turn on NAT for both

Thus, you start to ask, “Why Does My Router Have 2 Networks?” As an overview, first-generation or traditional network routers contain only one network. That is an 802.11b WiFi that has a 2.4 Gigahertz band, which is commonly used at homes. I want to connect 2 Wi-Fi routers to create 2 separate