How to delete photos ONLY from google photos backup

Quick Guide: How to Delete Google Photos | NordVPN Nov 25, 2019 How to delete mobile device copy but keep backup - Photos Google Photos provides a way to free up memory space by deleting these redundant already backed up photos while still allowing you to see the backup copy of the photo. This FAQ discusses how to ensure that all device photos have been backed up, and shows you several methods of deleting these device photos while preserving the backup copy in How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos To view the photos offline, photos synced or backed up to Google Photos are also stored in your phone memory. But when the photos are deleted from Google Photos, they are also deleted from your phone memory. If you fail to retrieve the deleted photos from Google Photos, you can recover the deleted photos from your phone as a workaround.

Delete photos & videos. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. Tap and hold a photo or video you want to move to the trash. You can select multiple items. At the top, tap Trash .

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Disable Google Photos Backup on Backup and Sync. For one direction, you can turn off auto backup …

How to delete photos ONLY from google photos backup I backed up some photos in my android device to Google Photos. I want to un-backup them. I want them to stay only internally on my device. But if I delete photos from the app it deletes them also from my device. Is there a way to delete individual photos from the backup and let them stay on my device? How can I delete Auto backup photos in Google+ - Android Google offers a tutorial on how to delete auto backups on their support site: How to delete. To delete one photo at a time, open the Photos app > touch the thumbnail of the photo you wish to delete to open it > trash icon. To delete multiple photos at once, open the Photos app > touch the