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Nov 08, 2018 · Some wireless keyboards come with small dongles to plug in; some can only be set up over Bluetooth, a short-range wireless protocol that involves pairing devices together. To set up a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, you’ll need to pair it with your Mac. If you’re setting up a different Bluetooth device, like Bluetooth headphones, the setup is mostly the same. Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address with Apple Mail . This tutorial shows you how to set up Apple Mail to work with your email account. To Set Up Your Apple Mail . From the Mail menu, select Preferences. Go to the Accounts tab, and then click the plus sign(+) at the bottom of the Accounts box. 1 Setting Up Congratulations on purchasing your new Power Mac G4 system. This chapter contains instructions for setting up your computer and display. Positioning the Computer and Display You can pick up the computer by any of its handles. If your monitor is heavy, be sure to use correct lifting techniques when positioning it. May 11, 2020 · Next, head to your iPad and tap the 'Settings' icon to open the Settings App. Tap the 'Bluetooth' menu to open the Bluetooth settings. 4. Turn Bluetooth on. Your iPad will search for available devices to connect with. Once it locates the barcode scanner, Socket CHS, tap it to connect. Your scanner should now be all set up and ready to go. Your iMac comes with AirPort Extreme technology for wireless networking. For information about setting up a wireless connection, choose Help > Mac Help, and search for “AirPort.” To use a dial-up connection, you need an external USB modem. Plug the modem into a USB port on your iMac, and then use a phone cord to connect the modem to a phone This happened to me yesterday. I have a MacBook Air and after downloading and installing Yosemite, it was stuck on "Setting up your Mac" all day. I eventually got in touch with Apple Support and resolved my issue in about ONE MINUTE. Here's how: 1. Power down the computer. 2. Plug the computer into a power source. 3. Sep 22, 2016 · By default, the first user you create when setting up a new Mac is an administrator. Administrator accounts have greater control over your Mac than standard user accounts, with the ability to add and remove other users, install apps, and change settings in OS X.

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Dec 25, 2017 · If you’re setting up a new iMac, you’ll need to attach the power cable to the rear of the iMac and plug it into the wall. You’ll also need to attach the keyboard and mouse via USB port (also The next step involves setting up iCloud (as long as you signed in with your Apple ID earlier). iCloud syncs up your contacts, calendars, Mail accounts, web browser information, reminders, notes.

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Oct 07, 2019 Search for Settings in Your iMac's System Preferences About the Book Author. Mark L. Chambers has been a technical author, computer consultant, BBS sysop, programmer, and hardware technician for more than 30 years. An unabashed Mac enthusiast, he has written more than 30 computer books, most about the Mac. They include MacBook All-in-One For Dummies 2nd Edition and Macs For Seniors For Dummies, 3rd Edition.